Tales from the Vegetable Patch: Part 1 – Planning and Preparation

rusty garden pitchfork on wooden post

I love growing my own veg but things have got off to a slow start this year. To be honest, they’ve hardly got off to a start at all. I’ve got as far as weeding the vegetable garden, and rescuing it from an infestation of bindweed roots, and buying several bags of multi-purpose compost.

After an hour or so of digging over the soil and removing old roots and debris I developed lower back ache and I’ve not been back since. The poor vegetable patch lies neglected with only a quarter of it ready for new compost and planting.

Meanwhile time is marching on and I am aware that most of the vegetables I plan to grow this year need to be in the ground by the end of April.

So, I have decided to make myself accountable to all the readers of this blog and am hoping that will make a difference and motivate me. I am setting my intentions – to prepare the vegetable patch and to plant seeds before the end of April.

I plan to check in with you on a regular basis and let you know how the vegetables are growing and post photos of their progress.  If all goes well, it should be a very satisfying and enjoyable process. If not, I would have let myself and my vegetables down in public. And I don’t want that!

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