Tales from the Vegetable Patch: Part 4 – The First Harvest

beetroot and chard leaves in a bowl

There was great excitement and jubilation in the kitchen last week as I harvested my first crop of leaves from the vegetable garden.  My war against the slugs and snails appears to have paid off and we feasted on a selection of chard and beetroot leaves for dinner.

Beetroot and chard leaves are rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium and are also rich in Vitamin C so I felt very healthy and virtuous while enjoying the fruits of my labours.

stir-fried beetroot leaves and chard in a wok

I stir-fried them lightly with a bit of olive oil and tamari and served with a pork chop. Yum! The leaves were delicious and left my teeth feeling as if they were coated with iron filings.

I’m looking forward to harvesting the pak choi next, followed by the spring onions which are finally beginning to look a bit sturdier than they were.  But it looks like the kale is going to take a while to mature.  So far so good.

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