The Gift of Age

In September 2015 I completed The Inspiring Speakers’ Programme, an extended six month public speaking course from Ginger Public Speaking. The course was life-changing in many ways and a fantastic confidence-booster for someone who was afraid of public speaking. The Gift of Age is the speech I presented at the Gala Finale evening, the equivalent of a graduation ceremony and final performance for the programme participants.

Dancing through Angie’s life we explore the journey from Anti-apartheid protestor, to goth, to fabulous lesbian… to ‘Late Mid-life Astonishment’. Touching, funny and profound, Angie shows us a new found love for age. From: Nourishing Speeches: A selection of Ginger inspiring speeches

From Hormone Hell to Feeling Well

From Hormone Hell to Feeling Well is a true story I told at the In This Body event held in London on 18 October 2014. In the story I explore the impact of a misdiagnosis and the menopause on my life and my subsequent journey to health and empowerment via testosterone treatment. There is a short introduction before my story begins.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape was first told live at The Story Party on Tuesday 23 June 2015 at The George Inn in London. The theme of the night was ‘Midsummer Dream Magic’.

As a child, Angie Macdonald dreamed of escape. And becoming a teacher. That dream came true… and quickly turned into a nightmare. But another dream, one she least expected to come true, did.

Breaking the Code

Breaking the Code was first told live at The Story Party at The Rose on Tuesday 6 May 2014. The theme of the night was ‘A Memorable Journey’.

Angie Macdonald tells the true story of a family crisis, keeping secrets and the consequences of silence. On the journey to discover her true self she is forced to break the family code.