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technology and the lost art of communication

Technology and the Lost Art of Communication

On the number one tram from Delft to Sheveningen beach last week things felt rather festive. It was a hot Summer’s day as the tram snaked through The Hague, collecting old age pensioners, a party of school children on a day trip, and students on their way to the seaside. Inside the tram temperatures and […]

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google calendar showing reminders to take HRT

HRT and Me: Using Google Calendar for HRT Reminders

Many women I’ve spoken with have been put off taking bio-identical HRT because of all the calendar checking that’s involved in juggling three separate HRT preparations. With synthetic HRT you often only have to take one combination pill a day which is a lot simpler. I have two magic words that solve that problem: Google […]

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couple in restaurant, man having mobile phone conversation

Social Distraction: Mobile Phones and Relationships

At the theatre on Saturday night, the woman sitting next to me whipped out her iPad and began taking photographs in the middle of a performance of Uncle Vanya.  The glow from from her iPad screen and the loud click of the camera shutter distracted both audience and performers alike, but that didn’t stop her […]

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