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Winter trees to demonstrate low libido in menopausal women

The Causes of Low Libido during Menopause

Sex is something we may laugh about, even brag about, but if it’s becoming a problem in our lives and our primary relationship, it’s usually the last thing we want to talk about. For many midlife women experiencing the “joys” of menopause one of the most distressing symptoms is the loss of libido. Unlike hot […]

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Red heart on snow to represent how the menopause almost destroyed my relationship.

The Menopause Almost Destroyed My Relationship

Angie Macdonald was unprepared for the profound effect menopause had on her health and relationship, until she discovered testosterone. In February my partner and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary. But back in 2012 I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. Depressed, irritable and easily stressed out, I found myself experiencing heart palpitations, hot […]

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parents with toddler to demonstrate article 'What is Your Legacy?'

What is Your Legacy?

When I had some Life Coaching a couple of years ago one of the first exercises I did was imagine attending a function in twenty years’ time where someone is giving a speech about me. What would I want them to say? How I Want to be Remembered I wanted to hear that I had […]

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technology and the lost art of communication

Technology and the Lost Art of Communication

On the number one tram from Delft to Sheveningen beach last week things felt rather festive. It was a hot Summer’s day as the tram snaked through The Hague, collecting old age pensioners, a party of school children on a day trip, and students on their way to the seaside. Inside the tram temperatures and […]

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friends storytelling at dinner party

Relationships and The Ancient Ritual of Storytelling

Last weekend we celebrated Chinese New Year with our Malaysian friends. It’s become something of a ritual in recent years with the same core group each time. After a huge, delicious lunch the twelve of us sat round a friend’s living room and started talking.  Hours later, when darkness had fallen and dessert had been […]

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couple in restaurant, man having mobile phone conversation

Social Distraction: Mobile Phones and Relationships

At the theatre on Saturday night, the woman sitting next to me whipped out her iPad and began taking photographs in the middle of a performance of Uncle Vanya.  The glow from from her iPad screen and the loud click of the camera shutter distracted both audience and performers alike, but that didn’t stop her […]

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black schipperke dog called claude

What Pets Can Teach Us About Relationships

A couple of weeks ago my friend Lucy phoned in tears to tell me that her dog Claude had just died. He had fallen out of an upstairs window and died a few minutes later. It was a shocking end to Claude’s life and very difficult to accept. Over the past ten years or so […]

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smiling face of woman hugging another

Small Acts of Kindness Have a Positive Impact

When was the last time you smiled at a stranger? Or really listened to someone? Smiling is the Best Way to Brighten Up Someone’s Day According to a YouGov poll published this week by The Samaritans, smiling at someone is the top way you can brighten up a person’s day. The poll, published to coincide […]

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two female friends laughing together

Friends Forever? When is a Friendship Over?

When is a friendship finally over? That’s the question I’ve been grappling with lately with regards to my friend Sally. When Sally (not her real name) and I spend time together it’s lovely. She’s very warm and easy to talk to and is inspiring on so many levels. But it’s been months since we last […]

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