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Signs submerged by flood water

Can the NHS Cope with the Impact of Flooding on Mental Health?

Resilience is a word we’re hearing more of lately. There are courses to teach employees emotional health and resilience to cope well with stress, organisational change and other economic factors involved in the workplace. An upcoming conference at King’s College School, Wimbledon on 20th March will focus on developing emotional resilience in schools, especially amongst […]

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Let's Get Physical poster for Mental Health Awareness Week 2013

Let’s Get Physical: Mental Health Awareness Week

Yesterday was one of those days that left me feeling cranky and frazzled. A computer that was misbehaving (guaranteed to raise my stress levels through the roof), difficulty finding parking, which meant I was late for an appointment, and then a long wait at the hospital for a blood test. By the time I got […]

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Menopause and the Link with Schizophrenia

Did you know that the menopause can trigger schizophrenia?  Yes, it turns out that not only has Mother Nature contrived to make it possible for us to drown in our own sweat,  lose our memories, hair and sex appeal, but our falling oestrogen levels can also drive us mad! While listening to the All in […]

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sunset over a lake

Vitamin D could Improve Symptoms of Depression

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about Vitamin D deficiency. It seems the sunshine vitamin is good not only for our physical health but for our mental health too, and could be used as a possible treatment to relieve the symptoms of depression. The link between low levels of Vitamin D and Depression […]

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