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Nia Technique class

Finding My Body’s Way with Nia Dance

It’s a Saturday afternoon in East Dulwich. Outside it’s pouring with rain, but inside Push Studios, I’m with a group of women moving to music. I’m barefoot and sweating and feeling utterly free in my body. Most importantly, I’m having fun! My quest to be Fit by Fifty had brought me to a two hour […]

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woman in yoga lotus position

What’s all the Fuss about Yoga?

Yoga. For years I’ve wondered what all the fuss was about and deliberately avoided finding out. On the one occasion I did attend a class, over a decade ago, the experience was so difficult and painful that I gave up on the idea of yoga altogether. Instead I resigned myself to the fact that my […]

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Let's Get Physical poster for Mental Health Awareness Week 2013

Let’s Get Physical: Mental Health Awareness Week

Yesterday was one of those days that left me feeling cranky and frazzled. A computer that was misbehaving (guaranteed to raise my stress levels through the roof), difficulty finding parking, which meant I was late for an appointment, and then a long wait at the hospital for a blood test. By the time I got […]

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water being poured into a glass

Forget the Diet: 5 Easy Ways to Control Your Weight

Controlling my weight has become an issue for me in recent years. Up until my early 30s I enjoyed a hearty appetite and skinny figure, but these days I’m rather more curvaceous and have to watch what I eat. Along the way, I’ve tried numerous diets and different approaches to healthy eating.  The diets didn’t […]

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male and female nordic walkers

Nordic Walking for Weight Loss

There’s a crazy woman who’s taken to walking around my local park.  She wears a peak cap and sunglasses to disguise herself, pants and sweats as she strides along, is plugged into an iPod, and most disturbingly, uses two ski-like poles to propel herself along. Yes, you guessed it, the crazy woman is me, and […]

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