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The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast

When I’m at the gym or walking in the park I love listening to podcasts. It helps ease the boredom of repetitive exercise while nourishing the mind and soul.  One of my favourite podcasts is The Introvert Entrepreneur. The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast The Introvert Entrepreneur is the brainchild of life coach Beth Buelow who is […]

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Hay Fever is on the Increase in the UK

Spring is my favourite time of year apart from one thing – hay fever. The beginning of Spring is always marked by several days of suffering as I sneeze and wheeze, my eyes and throat itch and I generally feel like I’ve got a mild dose of flu. Eventually the eye drops, nasal spray and […]

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Beetroot and Garlic Salad Recipe

A couple of years ago I spent a wonderful week on the Greek island of Crete.  Every evening my partner and I headed off to our local taverna where we feasted on grilled lamb and fresh vegetables.  Most of the vegetable dishes were served with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled with fresh garlic […]

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The Healing Power of the Ocean

I love the ocean. Living in a big city like London, I often yearn to escape the chaotic frenzy and head to the sea.  There’s something magnetic about the rhythm of the ocean, the crash of the waves, cries of the seagulls, the fresh smell of sea air. The Healing Power of the Ocean There […]

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Tales from the Vegetable Patch: Part 1 – Planning and Preparation

I love growing my own veg but things have got off to a slow start this year. To be honest, they’ve hardly got off to a start at all. I’ve got as far as weeding the vegetable garden, and rescuing it from an infestation of bindweed roots, and buying several bags of multi-purpose compost. After […]

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