Here’s What I Know about Menopause…

Black and white close-up of eye and cracked face around it to demonstrate menopause

Here’s what I know about menopause.

It will find you.

It will blast through your life with the force of a pressure washer leaving every vulnerable area exposed. With all the debris and grime washed away, cracks and damage will be visible in HD clarity as if you’re looking at your life through a zoom lens.

This is no time for myopia.

Anything not working for you, any areas of dissatisfaction in your work, relationships, sense of self, happiness, your health – right down to clutter and old underwear – every tiny aspect of your life will be scrutinised, overturned and found somehow lacking.

For some women this may take a dramatic form. Radical life changes like divorce, changing sexuality or moving countries are common. Others will seemingly sail through unscathed, but they will still have been changed in some way. Just dig a little deeper. No woman can go through menopause and not feel changed or different.

And this is a good thing.

Menopause is not called ‘the change of life’ for nothing. It will change your life in the way that puberty and adolescence changed your life. By the time you come out the other side you will be a better version of yourself. You will have matured, you will be wiser, you will have a fresh perspective on life and a new appetite for it too.

But first you have to journey through it.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life.

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