HRT and Me: Using Google Calendar for HRT Reminders

google calendar showing reminders to take HRT

Using Google Calendar to send myself reminders to take my HRT

Many women I’ve spoken with have been put off taking bio-identical HRT because of all the calendar checking that’s involved in juggling three separate HRT preparations. With synthetic HRT you often only have to take one combination pill a day which is a lot simpler.

I have two magic words that solve that problem: Google Calendar.

Using Google Calendar for HRT Reminders

Taking HRT alongside my other medications is a bit complex, so I’ve set up Google Calendar* to send me text and email reminders. Twice a week I get a reminder first thing in the morning to change my Evorel 50 patch and switch it to the opposite bum cheek.

And from Day 15 of every 28 day cycle, I get reminders for 12 days to take my Utrogestan progesterone tablets before bed. This is because they can cause drowsiness so it’s best to take them last thing at night.

And I manage to remember to rub on the Testim testosterone gel before dressing every morning without the aid of technology, as it’s part of my routine.

So long as I have my phone close at hand or my computer is switched on and I’m checking emails, I’m okay. So far so good. It’s working for me and I haven’t missed a patch or a pill yet.

All I can say is, thank goodness for modern technology! Without it, I’d be very confused.

* I use Google Calendar but please feel free to use any electronic calendar of your choosing.

If you use technology in any way to help you manage your menopause I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the box below.

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