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two women friends sitting on stone bench and talking

Speak Your Truth: How I’m Learning to Speak From the Heart

I’ve been hearing the words ‘Speak your Truth’ a lot recently.  From my coach mostly, but also from this little voice inside my head that’s been urging me to speak up instead of shutting up. Speak Your Truth On Saturday I attended a workshop called ‘Speak Your Truth’ run by Phil Askew and Kate Jones.  […]

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black schipperke dog called claude

What Pets Can Teach Us About Relationships

A couple of weeks ago my friend Lucy phoned in tears to tell me that her dog Claude had just died. He had fallen out of an upstairs window and died a few minutes later. It was a shocking end to Claude’s life and very difficult to accept. Over the past ten years or so […]

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smiling face of woman hugging another

Small Acts of Kindness Have a Positive Impact

When was the last time you smiled at a stranger? Or really listened to someone? Smiling is the Best Way to Brighten Up Someone’s Day According to a YouGov poll published this week by The Samaritans, smiling at someone is the top way you can brighten up a person’s day. The poll, published to coincide […]

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two female friends laughing together

Friends Forever? When is a Friendship Over?

When is a friendship finally over? That’s the question I’ve been grappling with lately with regards to my friend Sally. When Sally (not her real name) and I spend time together it’s lovely. She’s very warm and easy to talk to and is inspiring on so many levels. But it’s been months since we last […]

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