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green apples in the sunshine

Do You Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Last weekend, after a lovely evening at a restaurant with friends, I found myself thinking about the social importance of food and the many reasons we eat. Do We Eat to Live or Live to Eat? We all have to eat to stay alive but beyond that food has different meanings for different people. For […]

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close up of pink cherry blossom

Full of the Joys of Spring: A Photo Gallery

Spring is the most exciting season of the year for me. As the daffodils and tulips bloom and cherry blossoms unfurl, I am aware of new life, new beginnings. Spring is also a time of great potential as the warmer days and fresh green leaves hint at maturation and the Summer to come. I like […]

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male and female nordic walkers

Nordic Walking for Weight Loss

There’s a crazy woman who’s taken to walking around my local park.  She wears a peak cap and sunglasses to disguise herself, pants and sweats as she strides along, is plugged into an iPod, and most disturbingly, uses two ski-like poles to propel herself along. Yes, you guessed it, the crazy woman is me, and […]

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waves crashing onto shingle beach

The Healing Power of the Ocean

I love the ocean. Living in a big city like London, I often yearn to escape the chaotic frenzy and head to the sea.  There’s something magnetic about the rhythm of the ocean, the crash of the waves, cries of the seagulls, the fresh smell of sea air. The Healing Power of the Ocean There […]

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rusty garden pitchfork on wooden post

Tales from the Vegetable Patch: Part 1 – Planning and Preparation

I love growing my own veg but things have got off to a slow start this year. To be honest, they’ve hardly got off to a start at all. I’ve got as far as weeding the vegetable garden, and rescuing it from an infestation of bindweed roots, and buying several bags of multi-purpose compost. After […]

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