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white lily against a black background, symbolising death, grief and mourning

It’s Complicated: Mourning the Death of my Father

I never got to say goodbye to my father. He died in September, just hours before my flight left London for Durban, South Africa. I had rushed back to London after completing the Cotswold Way, bought my plane ticket and hoped I would make it back in time to say goodbye. But I was too […]

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Cotswold Way View over the Severn Valley from Coaley Peak

I Did It! I Walked the Cotswold Way

Last year my fitness challenge for 2012 was to walk the South Downs Way. It was an amazing experience and really affirmed for me just how much I love and value long distance walking in the English countryside. This year my 2013 fitness challenge was to walk the Cotswold Way and I’m pleased to say […]

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Close-up of fresh mint leaves

Fresh Mint Tea and Other Mint Delights

Mint is the herb I most associate with summer. And I’m not just referring to jugs of Pimm’s, which would, of course, be incomplete without fresh mint. There’s something wonderfully refreshing about the scent of fresh mint that is both mind-cleansing and invigorating. Cool, fragrant mint leaves are the perfect antidote to a hot summer’s […]

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walking in the english countryside

Fitness Challenge 2013: Walking the Cotswold Way

I’ve a new pair of hiking boots in which I’ve chalked up a good few miles training and now I’m ready for my 2013 fitness challenge: walking the Cotswold Way. Last year my fitness challenge was walking the South Downs Way. Given the problems I’d had with walking and arthritis in the past it was […]

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parents with toddler to demonstrate article 'What is Your Legacy?'

What is Your Legacy?

When I had some Life Coaching a couple of years ago one of the first exercises I did was imagine attending a function in twenty years’ time where someone is giving a speech about me. What would I want them to say? How I Want to be Remembered I wanted to hear that I had […]

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kayak on river to illustrate life lessons from kayaking

Life Lessons from Kayaking

Our friends Anna and Phil invited us to spend the weekend with them in Norfolk. They’ve recently taken up kayaking and were keen for us to give it a go. On Saturday the four of us set out for a day on the river. Anna and my partner,Yang-May, in the two-person kayak and me and […]

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Sunlounger on a tropical beach to demonstrate living and working seasonally

Living Seasonally – A Seasonal Approach to Work

It’s been a wonderful summer so far and I’ve been making the most of it. The sunshine and heat we’ve experienced this year has had a restorative effect, not only on me, but on most people I’ve spoken to. After the longest, coldest winter in my living memory, most people were utterly depleted by the […]

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woman in yoga lotus position

What’s all the Fuss about Yoga?

Yoga. For years I’ve wondered what all the fuss was about and deliberately avoided finding out. On the one occasion I did attend a class, over a decade ago, the experience was so difficult and painful that I gave up on the idea of yoga altogether. Instead I resigned myself to the fact that my […]

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technology and the lost art of communication

Technology and the Lost Art of Communication

On the number one tram from Delft to Sheveningen beach last week things felt rather festive. It was a hot Summer’s day as the tram snaked through The Hague, collecting old age pensioners, a party of school children on a day trip, and students on their way to the seaside. Inside the tram temperatures and […]

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Girl street artist on wall opposite East Dulwich Station

The Impact of Street Art on Wellbeing

Is street art a blight on the urban landscape or colourful fun that’s good for the soul? What is the impact of street art on wellbeing? I love street art and, fortunately for me, in the past two years my part of south London has been transformed into something of a street art mecca. The […]

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