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girl surfing

Surfs Up! Women and the Waves

My friend Victoria bought a skateboard recently and has taken to riding it along the carpeted corridors of academia. That’s all very well you might say, until I tell you that Victoria is in her mid-forties and a Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture with the serene demeanour of a nun. Then you might laugh […]

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figure leaping across a ravine in the sunset

Self-help Books: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Fear is like a dirty little secret we all carry around with us. To acknowledge it is to admit weakness and vulnerability, so many of us never do. Instead we try to cover it up with false bravado, mean behaviour or drugs and alcohol. But none of these things makes fear go away. Feel the […]

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Self-help books on bookshelf

Do Self-Help Books Really Work?

Depending on the company, it can take some courage to admit to reading and enjoying self-help books. The subject regularly divides opinion. There will always be those who see self-help authors as preying on vulnerable people and laughing all the way to the bank, and the people who read self-help books as somewhat lacking or […]

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dvd cover of the big c tv show

Why I’m a Fan of ‘The Big C’

I have to admit I was reluctant to watch The Big C at first. A comedy-drama about a cancer sufferer seemed about as entertaining as travelling in a funeral cortege. You wouldn’t want to do it unless you absolutely had to. But, after catching a few snippets of the latest episodes of Season 2 currently […]

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close up of pink cherry blossom

Full of the Joys of Spring: A Photo Gallery

Spring is the most exciting season of the year for me. As the daffodils and tulips bloom and cherry blossoms unfurl, I am aware of new life, new beginnings. Spring is also a time of great potential as the warmer days and fresh green leaves hint at maturation and the Summer to come. I like […]

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banner from introvert entrepreneur website

The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast

When I’m at the gym or walking in the park I love listening to podcasts. It helps ease the boredom of repetitive exercise while nourishing the mind and soul.  One of my favourite podcasts is The Introvert Entrepreneur. The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast The Introvert Entrepreneur is the brainchild of life coach Beth Buelow who is […]

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