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Girl street artist on wall opposite East Dulwich Station

The Impact of Street Art on Wellbeing

Is street art a blight on the urban landscape or colourful fun that’s good for the soul? What is the impact of street art on wellbeing? I love street art and, fortunately for me, in the past two years my part of south London has been transformed into something of a street art mecca. The […]

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hot flash havoc - a film about menopause

Hot Flash Havoc: A Film of Menopausal Proportions

At last! Everything you need to know about the menopause in a film that enlightens and entertains. Hot Flash Havoc Described as ‘the most provocative and revealing film ever made about menopause’, Hot Flash Havoc features stories of women going through the menopause and in-depth interviews with dozens of renowned women’s health experts. The Women’s […]

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antidepressants and creativity, depressed woman

Do Antidepressants Affect Creativity?

There’s a fascinating article on the affect of antidepressants on creativity in the latest issue of Mslexia, a magazine for women who write. In the article ‘Waving or Drowning?’ writer Faridah Newman trawls through what little research there is on the topic and also refers to anecdotal evidence and the results of a Mslexia survey […]

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google calendar showing reminders to take HRT

HRT and Me: Using Google Calendar for HRT Reminders

Many women I’ve spoken with have been put off taking bio-identical HRT because of all the calendar checking that’s involved in juggling three separate HRT preparations. With synthetic HRT you often only have to take one combination pill a day which is a lot simpler. I have two magic words that solve that problem: Google […]

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Red umbrella couple in Dulwich Park

Celebrating the Beauty of Winter

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the middle of February.  Outside, there’s bitterly cold wind, but here in my study I’m cosy and warm. February is usually a tough month for me. Having battled against the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and survived colds and flu, I feel tired. And in desperate need of […]

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the antidote by oliver burkeman

The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking – Review

Have you ever tried hard to be positive and upbeat and wondered why you still felt depressed? I certainly have and it’s left me feeling defeated by gremlins and doomed to a life of unhappiness. Happiness and Positive Thinking Happiness has become something of a Holy Grail in modern Western society.  Apart from spawning an […]

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poster for doctors, dissection and resurrection men exhibition at the museum of london

Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men Exhibition

We all like to have a grumble about the shortcomings of the NHS from time to time, but the fact remains that we are very fortunate to be living in the times we are when it comes to medical treatment. I was starkly reminded of this fact at the Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men exhibition […]

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seasons greetings from write health

Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings from Write Health. Wishing you a very peaceful and happy Christmas. Enjoy spending time with loved ones, indulge in a few once-a-year treats and recharge body and mind. The contents of this website, including any posts, comments and links, are subject to this Disclaimer – please read it by clicking here.

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couple in restaurant, man having mobile phone conversation

Social Distraction: Mobile Phones and Relationships

At the theatre on Saturday night, the woman sitting next to me whipped out her iPad and began taking photographs in the middle of a performance of Uncle Vanya.  The glow from from her iPad screen and the loud click of the camera shutter distracted both audience and performers alike, but that didn’t stop her […]

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podcast logo with headphones on orange rss feed symbol

Listen Up! My Favourite Health Podcasts

Podcasts have changed my life. Repeated trips to the gym or walks along the same route would once have driven me potty with boredom, but now I actually look forward to them.  Or rather, I look forward to listening to an interesting podcast and being educated and entertained at the same time. When it comes […]

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