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Publicity photo for nordic noir political drama Borgen

Why I Love Borgen

I’ve caught the Nordic Noir bug and got the jumpers to prove it. Along the way I’ve developed a huge crush on the Prime Minister of Denmark, or as I know her, Birgitte Nyborg, star of the Danish political TV drama Borgen. I’m only half way through Season 2 but I’m completely hooked. Who thought […]

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Logo for TEDx Covent Garden Women UnLabelled Event 7 December 2013

#UnLabelled at TEDx Covent Garden Women

Picture the scene. 250 people on their feet, shouting ‘F**k the Labels’ at the tops of their voices and rejoicing in the sheer power and freedom of it. For me, that moment was the highlight of the TEDxCoventGardenWomen* event on 7th December when 12 speakers took to the stage to share with us their approach […]

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Girl street artist on wall opposite East Dulwich Station

The Impact of Street Art on Wellbeing

Is street art a blight on the urban landscape or colourful fun that’s good for the soul? What is the impact of street art on wellbeing? I love street art and, fortunately for me, in the past two years my part of south London has been transformed into something of a street art mecca. The […]

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hot flash havoc - a film about menopause

Hot Flash Havoc: A Film of Menopausal Proportions

At last! Everything you need to know about the menopause in a film that enlightens and entertains. Hot Flash Havoc Described as ‘the most provocative and revealing film ever made about menopause’, Hot Flash Havoc features stories of women going through the menopause and in-depth interviews with dozens of renowned women’s health experts. The Women’s […]

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the antidote by oliver burkeman

The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking – Review

Have you ever tried hard to be positive and upbeat and wondered why you still felt depressed? I certainly have and it’s left me feeling defeated by gremlins and doomed to a life of unhappiness. Happiness and Positive Thinking Happiness has become something of a Holy Grail in modern Western society.  Apart from spawning an […]

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poster for doctors, dissection and resurrection men exhibition at the museum of london

Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men Exhibition

We all like to have a grumble about the shortcomings of the NHS from time to time, but the fact remains that we are very fortunate to be living in the times we are when it comes to medical treatment. I was starkly reminded of this fact at the Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men exhibition […]

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podcast logo with headphones on orange rss feed symbol

Listen Up! My Favourite Health Podcasts

Podcasts have changed my life. Repeated trips to the gym or walks along the same route would once have driven me potty with boredom, but now I actually look forward to them.  Or rather, I look forward to listening to an interesting podcast and being educated and entertained at the same time. When it comes […]

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andy warhol's paintings of campbell's soup cans

Creativity: Turning a Negative into a Positive

Last week when I was at the Andy Warhol: The Portfolios exhibition I was intrigued by the story of how Andy Warhol came to create the images of the Campbell’s Soup cans. The Story behind the Campbell’s Soup cans Apparently Warhol asked a friend, gallery owner Muriel Latow, for ideas. She asked him what he […]

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philip haas' four seasons sculptures in front of dulwich picture gallery

Summer of Art – Food Art at Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Summer of 2012 must surely rank as one of the greatest London has ever known.  Not only have we had the excitement and pride of hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games but there has been a wealth of cultural entertainment as well. Museums and art galleries around the Capital have pulled out all […]

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Cover of the gallery guide to the bauhaus art as life exhibition at the Barbican

Lessons from The Bauhaus: Creative Experiment &Time for Play

This week I decided to take some time out from my usual schedule and treat myself to the Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition at the Barbican in London. Time for Me I enjoy going to exhibitions alone.  It means I can take my time if I want to read every word and linger in front […]

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