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A rack of T-shirts organised by colour

2015 New Year’s Resolution – Be Organised

Happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with unexpected moments of joy, good health and that special happiness that comes from being organised. It’s the end of the first proper work week of 2015 and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found this week a bit of a struggle. After the dietary excesses and […]

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Coloured balls of wool and knitting needles to illustrate the health benefits of knitting

The Health Benefits of Knitting

As a child I hated sewing classes at school. Until I realised that if I said I’d left my sewing at home, the teacher would give me needles and wool and tell me to knit a square. I loved knitting; it relaxed me, gave me a purpose – to knit as fast as I could […]

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Publicity photo for nordic noir political drama Borgen

Why I Love Borgen

I’ve caught the Nordic Noir bug and got the jumpers to prove it. Along the way I’ve developed a huge crush on the Prime Minister of Denmark, or as I know her, Birgitte Nyborg, star of the Danish political TV drama Borgen. I’m only half way through Season 2 but I’m completely hooked. Who thought […]

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Image for 2014: Your Best Year Yet! saying Happy New Year 2014

2014: Your Best Year Yet!

Happy New Year! I wish you happiness and good health in the year ahead. I love the beginning of a new year. For me, it’s an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, approach life with renewed energy and focus on what I want to achieve and experience in the days and months ahead. New Year’s […]

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Logo for TEDx Covent Garden Women UnLabelled Event 7 December 2013

#UnLabelled at TEDx Covent Garden Women

Picture the scene. 250 people on their feet, shouting ‘F**k the Labels’ at the tops of their voices and rejoicing in the sheer power and freedom of it. For me, that moment was the highlight of the TEDxCoventGardenWomen* event on 7th December when 12 speakers took to the stage to share with us their approach […]

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Cotswold Way View over the Severn Valley from Coaley Peak

I Did It! I Walked the Cotswold Way

Last year my fitness challenge for 2012 was to walk the South Downs Way. It was an amazing experience and really affirmed for me just how much I love and value long distance walking in the English countryside. This year my 2013 fitness challenge was to walk the Cotswold Way and I’m pleased to say […]

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walking in the english countryside

Fitness Challenge 2013: Walking the Cotswold Way

I’ve a new pair of hiking boots in which I’ve chalked up a good few miles training and now I’m ready for my 2013 fitness challenge: walking the Cotswold Way. Last year my fitness challenge was walking the South Downs Way. Given the problems I’d had with walking and arthritis in the past it was […]

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kayak on river to illustrate life lessons from kayaking

Life Lessons from Kayaking

Our friends Anna and Phil invited us to spend the weekend with them in Norfolk. They’ve recently taken up kayaking and were keen for us to give it a go. On Saturday the four of us set out for a day on the river. Anna and my partner,Yang-May, in the two-person kayak and me and […]

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Sunlounger on a tropical beach to demonstrate living and working seasonally

Living Seasonally – A Seasonal Approach to Work

It’s been a wonderful summer so far and I’ve been making the most of it. The sunshine and heat we’ve experienced this year has had a restorative effect, not only on me, but on most people I’ve spoken to. After the longest, coldest winter in my living memory, most people were utterly depleted by the […]

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technology and the lost art of communication

Technology and the Lost Art of Communication

On the number one tram from Delft to Sheveningen beach last week things felt rather festive. It was a hot Summer’s day as the tram snaked through The Hague, collecting old age pensioners, a party of school children on a day trip, and students on their way to the seaside. Inside the tram temperatures and […]

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